Fly High

This afternoon I found myself on the other side of the lens, but did manage to grab a few snaps of the gulls soaring the slopes on a nearby hill. Advertisements

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High Winds and Flying Things

Currently Auckland is being hit with the remnants of Cyclone June which caused a lot of damage and such over in the Pacific Islands. Its by no means as damaging as it was, but with gusts up to around 110kph, its still enough to bring down the odd tree. Here at the household Ive been […]

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Harvest Time!

As mid-last week may have suggested, its been a mini harvest time here at the household. Tomatoes are ripening in abundance, pumpkins (and now melons!) are getting bigger and chillies are starting to change red. We have had so many tomatoes this season that it was time to look at options as to what […]

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Art at the Gallery

Short and sweet post for today. Through family I was luck enough to be invited to display three works for a local art exhibition. A first for me, at opening afternoon I got interviewed as people came to look. All quite exciting.

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