The Quiet Lunchroom


A quick mobile post from work for today as I’m off out later on.

Shot whilst playing around with Papercam on Android, I caught the shadow of a figure in the background, which tied in well with the magazine I was flicking through.

Friday afternoons are often filled with staff meetings, which is either a blessing or curse to end the work week, depending on the individual. Based on todays image it looks to be a short meeting!

The Dry Hilltop

Dry Mountain

I mentioned it not long ago, but looking around my local area, we sure have a lot of dry areas. Fire services around the country have been busy putting out bush fires, and rain, aside from one day earlier in the week, seem elusive in Auckland.

Today’s shot is of the weather station up Mt Victoria in Devonport, with the ‘toadstools’ (I think I have featured them in the past) in the foreground.

Shot on the Sony Nex with 16mm pancake lens. In Gimp I added a adjusted ‘National Geographic’ filter, rounded boarder and resized.

Waitangi Day Off

Waitangi day

Today marks Waitangi Day in New Zealand – the day The Treaty of Waitangi was signed between the Maori of New Zealand and the British Crown in 1840. The treaty itself, often a source of discussion and argument, is on occasion brought to a head on Waitangi day. For many, as well as recognising our history, Waitangi day may be viewed also as New Zealand Day – a day where we can (aside from those hard at work) relax and enjoy a day amongst friends. It was a beautiful and relaxing day, one made all the better with some watermelon and a bottle of L&P (world famous in New Zealand).

Shot on the Samsung Galaxy S2 using vignette and resized with added text in CS5

Down in the Crowd

My beautiful picture

Similar to my image taken a few weeks ago, Down in the Crowd is one of the images shot on Ilford Pan 100 using the Pentax MG SLR. Slightly tweaked in Photoshop CS4, I lightly colorised and resized – all adter developing and scanning.

Waitangi Day here in New Zealand tomorrow. If the weather holds, we might head out for a bike somewhere hopefully!

Feeding the Waitemata


Just a quick mobile post for this evening. Auckland has its first rain in 2013 and my home internet is playing up.

Shot at the uppermost point of Glenfield/Greenhithe, this scenic little river flows down into the Waitemata Harbour.

Shot on the Olympus E-500 and edited in Gimp.

The 20km Stroll


What started as a ~1 hour walk out and about, turned into a 20km 5 1/2 hour walk today! Quite enjoyable, but it would have been better if I didn’t only have my jandals (thongs/flip-flops) on.

Starting off (entirely on Auckland’s North Shore) in Eskdale Bush, I worked my way to Kaipatiki Bush, and then followed the Glenfield costal trail, before hitting the suburbs, over to Milford, Takapuna and Devonport.

As well as only planning a short walk today, I took along the Olympus E-500 DSLR – the heaviest of the bunch I have at hand.

The above image was captured in the first section of today’s walk. In post-processing I added vignette, converted to B&W and adjusted the curves a little to assist in giving the image a dark look.

Feet worn and sore, its time for a rest. Until tomorrow.

Damselfly on Leaf


I spotted this little guy on a leaf when out for a walk in the bush. Initially thinking it was a dragonfly, a quick read up suggests to me it is a damselfly – the difference being (well, one difference) dragonflies when at rest hold their wings perpendicular to their bodies, whilst the damselfly tucks them into their body. – I’m quite open, and happy to be corrected if any of you are entomologists out there?

Shot wise, taken on the Sony Nex and edited in Gimp. Editing, I cropped, adjusted levels, contrast and sharpness.

I got around to developing my 35mm film this morning, so will look to scan and share something from it in the next few days.

Dark by the Sea

By the Sea

Some heavy digital pushing of today’s image ‘Dark by the Sea’. Mucking around in Gimp, I was pushing the sky to get some dynamics, and then the foreground to get the cliff sides. I think the result, although requiring more editing effort on my part where the foreground and background collide, gives quite a dynamic surreal feeling to it.

With the weekend here (at last!) I am hoping I will get some time to develop my film – and start a new one. I also took delivery of a budget 2.2x telephoto lens to try on the Nex. I wanted to see how acceptable a result it would give me on my 210mm leans, as well as the possibilities it may offer when I am travelling light with the standard kit lens.

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