Anostostomatidae (guest post)


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Anostostomatidae – Todd T Lay

Its been a little while since my last image. Technically it still is as I am posting a ‘guest image’ from my good friend T T Lay.

The Anostostomatidae, here in New Zealand,the Weta, might be known better by some as king crickets. These are old world creatures – likely around and similar back in the Gondwanaland days, and some of the species are the heaviest of all insects.

Shot on the Canon 1100D and 1.8 50mm prime @ 3.5

New Plymouth Costal Track – in half a film


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0I mentioned over Christmas at New Plymouth that I had brought along an old disposable camera as well as my Sony. Simple, point and shoot with a plastic lens and low cost 35mm colour film. Well, the developing/scans came back. Amazingly all exposures were fine – not great, but thats the lo mo plastic lens way.

Anyway, here is a bit of a visual walk of the coastal track from the mouth of the Waiwhakaiho river, to the Paritutu Rock. The track itself extends beyond the river, but I actually stated half way, walked to the river and then back tracked to the rock – maybe next time I will try and get dropped off at one end or the other rather than the middle! For a bit of an indication of the distance, in the first image you can just see the rock in the far right…at a very poor horizon angle… (or the middle of the second shot)

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The Giveaway


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_DSC8293Its been a long weekend here in Auckland New Zealand with the celebration of ‘Auckland Anniversary’. In good form the weather has been fantastic, and I managed to get out several times and shoot some images. One such outing,I was invited to a local car dealership to take some social images of their big car giveaway. Here are a few of the shots I personally liked from the bunch as I meandered through the crowds that attended.

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